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Cost of Doing Business in Malaysia


Published by:The Malaysian Investment Development Authority(MIDA)
Published year:2018
Number of Pages:39

The objective of this brochure is to enable investors to make a preliminary assessment of the major costs involved in doing business in Malaysia. Investors who require more specific details can contact MIDA headquarters in Kuala Lumpur or the nearest MIDA overseas or state offices for further advice and assistance.

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Table of Content

Starting a business
Companies doing in Malaysia must register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under the Companies Act, 2016 (Act777)
・ Main Fees to be Paid to the Companies Commission of Malaysia
・ Rental Rates for Prime Office Space
・ Cost of Industrial Land & Factory Building

Taxation in Malaysia
Income of any person including a company, accruing in or derived from Malaysia or received in Malaysia from outside Malaysia is subject to income tax.
・ Company Tax
・ Petroleum Income Tax
・ Personal Income Tax
・ Withholding Tax
・ Sales and Service Tax (SST)
・ Excise Duty
・ Rates of Capital Allowance

Human Resources
In this topic, Minimum Conditions of Employment, Statutory Contributions and Wages Rates are posted in detail.
・ Minimum Conditions of Employment
       - Minimum Wages Order
       - Minimum Retirement Age
・ Statutory Contributions
・ Employment of Expatriates
・ Wage Rates

In this topic, general Electricity Rates, Water Wages, Sewerage Rates, Schedule Waste Treatment Rates, Gas and Fuel Costs, Telecommunication Rates, and Internet Services are posted in detail.
・ Electricity Rates
・ Water Rates
・ Sewerage Rates
・ Schedule Waste Treatment Rates
・ Gas and Fuel Cost
・ Telecommunications Rates
・ Internet Services

Transportation Costs
In this topic, Container Haulage Rates, Ocean Freight Rates, Courier Service Rates, and Air Cargo Rates are posted in detail.
・ Container Haulage Rates
・ Ocean Freight Rates
・ Courier Service rates
・ Air Cargo Rates

Living in Malaysia
In this topic, general Rented Accommodation, Golf Club Membership, International School Fees, Hotel Rates, Health Care, Public Transport, Eating Out in Malaysia, and Shopping in Kuala Lumpur are listed in detail.
・ Rented Accommodation
・ Golf Club Membership
・ International School Fees
・ Hotel Rates
・ Health Care
・ Domestic Help
・ Public Transport
・ Average Domestic Airfares
・ Eating Out in Malaysia
・ Shopping in Kuala Lumpur
・ Prices of Selected Consumer Items
・ Non-dutiable Goods

Useful address
In this topic, the address, phone number and e-mail of relevant organizations are listed for those who want to do a business in Malaysia.
・ Relevant Organizations
・ MIDA State Offices
・ MIDA’s Worldwide Network