Cloud Services

We provide cloud services in Malaysia to increase corporate productivity and efficiency.

Cloud Services

【Cloud Service】Time Attendance Management System 「KING OF TIME」

Time Attendance Management System 「KING OF TIME」

【Cloud Service】Connected Fleet Management System 「KITARO」

Connected Fleet Management System 「KITARO」

【Cloud Service】 Restaurant Reservation Management 「TORETA」

Restaurant Reservation Management 「TORETA」

Empower Your Company With "Information Assets" 「Easybox for Office 365」

Connected Fleet Management System 「KITARO」
Aggressive IT management. Strengthen the power of company with information asset.

Building A Multifunctional / Multilingual Website With RCMS

Website Creation Platform
90% of the world’s website construction can be systematized. RCMS can develop multifunctional / multilingual websites effortlessly.