Details of the Cloud service

Building A Multifunctional / Multilingual Website With RCMS

Building an advanced website such as membership websites and multilingual websites are made easier than ever. With RCMS is now possible by making various contents DB (metadata) and relating them in the platform.  



  • Choose between our SaaS version, Virtual Dedicated Server version, and Server Installation version that suits you best.
  • Over 250 types of functions are made available to you; almost all the functions available in CMS are implemented.
  • Easy to use user-interface.
  • Multilingual and multi-device screen platform supported.
  • Easy and flexible customisation of designs and modules to your website. Adding new functions and customizing new developments are possible.
  • Always stays in the state-of-the-art know-how technology and systems
  • Our free version is popular amongst users. You can always upgrade to our SaaS version for more.
  • RCMS converts your contents into metadata and maintaining their relevance, it is possible to handle the contents in a versatile manner. Therefore, even if the system is updated it is unnecessary to change the contents




1. Content Creation


2.Communication Management


3.Member Management


4.Other Functions




90% of the world's Web can be systematized


Since 2005, we have been developing our business based on the provision of website construction platform called RCMS. RMCS is a web site construction platform (CMS) designed based on the idea that "90% of the world's web site construction can be systematized".

By converting various contents into metadata and associating them with each other, we can build an advanced web site effortlessly. We will continue to evolve beyond the boundaries of CMS as an advanced website construction platform. 

Corporate Name

Diverta Inc.

Business Contents

Development and Sales of RCMS.

Planning, construction, and operation of the website using the above.

Research and development of new services using the web.

Head Office

Tokyo Plaza Shinjuku Ward Kagura Kaikyo 1-1 Central Plaza 6F





¥ 73,043 Thousand


Kenta Kato, Director and President

The Cloud HUB Community

Joining the Cloud HUB Community provides you with the ability to use following services. (Join the free community)


Download Materials

Download and use RCMS explanation materials and manuals.

Customer Site Visit

We will visit your company to introduce the contents of RCMS. Feel free to make an appointment with us to find out more. (Only applicable in Kuala Lumpur)

Free Trial

RCMS can be use free of charge to evaluate the suitability within your company.


Utilization support after introducing cloud service

We provide design and building of various websites such as multilingual websites and member sites at a fee.





90% of the world’s website construction can be systematized. RCMS can develop multifunctional / multilingual websites effortlessly.

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