IoT Solutions

We distribute a wide range of communication modules & terminals, and IOT devices in Malaysia from leading manufacturers

IoT Solutions

Aerobo Wing (AS-VT01)

Aerobo Wing
Aerobo Wing (AS-VT01) is a vertical take-off and landing drone. The runway is not required due to its multicopter design. After takeoff, the drone is able to switch to fixed-wing mode and can fly up to 50km in flight distance.

Aerobo Marker (AS-GM01)

Aerobo Marker
Aerobo Marker is a GNSS surveying receiver with ground control points for drone’s photogrammetry and reference point surveying (absolute/relative positioning).

Aerobo Cloud

Aerobo Cloud
The Aerobo Cloud is a fast and easy to use service to produce 3D models and orthomosaic images.

CONEXIO Blackbear

IoT Gateway - CONEXIO BlackBear
High-performance "Edge Computing Gateway" certified for overseas use, ruggedized for in-vehicle use, and capable of AI functions


IoT Gateway - CloudGate
CloudGate is an M2M solution platform that provides a secure and flexible communication environment to connect each IoT device to cloud services.


ATRACK AX9 is an OBDII compatible vehicle information acquisition terminal with communication and GPS functions. It can be used in conjunction with the fleet management "Kitaro.