Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

(As of 10th July, 2017)

Agreement to Terms of Conditions

TK International Sdn. Bhd. (“TK International”) and its affiliates own and operate the CloudHUB.com.my website (“this site). Before using this site, carefully read and agree to the terms of conditions specified below. Please refrain from the use if you cannot agree to the terms. We assume that, by using this site, you have agreed to all of the terms and conditions below.

Amendment of Terms of conditions

TK International may amend the Terms without obtaining Customers' agreement. In this case, the terms of conditions of the Service shall conform to the latest version of the Terms after change; accordingly, please check the details of the latest terms.

The amended Terms shall come into effect the moment they are displayed on this site, unless otherwise specified by TK International.


Please review our Privacy Policy, which also governs your visit to this site and which is incorporated into the Terms and Conditions.

User's Obligations/Responsibilities

When using the Service, Customers must not perform any of the following acts.

(1) An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any right of TK International or its affiliate, etc.

(2) An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any property of TK International or its affiliate, etc.

(3) An act of actually or potentially inflicting any loss on TK International or its affiliate, etc., in addition to what is classified under (1) or (2) above.

(4) An act of illegally using any ID or password on this site.

(5) An act of illegally using any third-party ID or password.

(6) An act of transferring one's ID or password to a third party or allowing its use by a third party.

(7) An act of using or providing any computer virus or other harmful program through or in connection with the Service.

(8) An act of using the Service through illegal use of a credit card.

(9) An act of submitting any false or unreasonable request for reservation, etc.

(10) An act of completing the member registration or submitting a reservation request on behalf of other person without the person's approval.

(11) An act of actually or potentially interfering with the operation of the Service in an unreasonable manner, thereby causing disadvantage to TK International.

(12) An act of infringing upon any intellectual property right such as copyright, or any other right, of TK International or a third party.

(13) An act of slandering/defaming or tarnishing the honor or credibility of TK International or a third party.

(14) An act of interfering with the use of the Service by other user.

(15) An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any property, privacy, portrait right or publicity right of TK International or a third party.

(16) An act of actually or potentially violating the public order and moral.

(17) An act of actually or potentially violating the law.

(18) A criminal act, an act that leads to a criminal act, or could potentially lead to a criminal act

(19) Other acts deemed inappropriate by TK International

Site Contents

All materials, including images, details, data, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, text, software, graphics, scripts, logos, and other materials that are part of this site (collectively, the “Contents”) are owned exclusively by TK International, its affiliates and/or its content providers. The Contents are protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade dress and other intellectual or ownership rights owned by TK International. Any rights not expressly granted in the Terms and Conditions are reserved for the TK International.

All other trademarks and service marks appearing on any of TK International Websites that are not owned by TK International are the property of their respective owners.

You may view and print a copy of the Contents displayed on this Site, and download a copy of any Contents that is designated for downloading, but you may not alter the Contents in any way, including, without limitation, removing or modifying any copyright or other ownership notices. The rights, title and interest in the Contents are not transferred to you by copying or downloading the material.

Online Conduct

You agree to use this site only for lawful purposes. We may disclose any content or electronic communication of any kind (including your profile, e-mail address and other information) (1) to satisfy any law, regulation, or government request; (2) if the disclosure is necessary or appropriate to operate the Site; or (3) to protect the rights or property of TK International, its affiliates, and you.

Accuracy of Information

TK International uses reasonable efforts to furnish accurate and up-to-date information, but we do not guarantee that any information contained in this Site is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free or that the Site will be free from viruses. We also are not responsible for any errors or omissions in this site. Although we may modify the Contents, make improvements to this site or correct any error or omission at any time and without notice to you, we are not obligated to do so. We will endeavor to update information in a timely manner but we will not be liable for any inaccuracies. Any use you make of the information provided on this site is entirely at your own risk and TK International will not be liable for any loss of data, lost profits or any other damages or losses resulting from your use of this site.

Links to Third Party Sites

Links on this Site may lead to services or sites not controlled or operated by TK International. We provide these links for your convenience and information. Links are not an endorsement of the site or service. We assume no responsibility or liability for other sites or services. Any use you make of any site or service linked to by this Site is entirely at your own risk.

Indemnity of the Provider

TK International strives to provide reliable information to the customers, but TK International does not guarantee the quality of service in terms of compliance, integrity, accuracy, security, legality, recency and any other aspect of information.

All users are asked to use this site at their own responsibility.

TK International assumes no responsibility for any loss arising out or of in connection with use or inability to use this site.

The customer agrees that the legal liability including defect warranty pertaining to any service, product, etc., provided by an affiliate, etc., under the Service belongs to the affiliate, etc., that provided the service, etc.

TK International assumes no responsibility for any and all losses resulting from any software or hardware accident arising out of or in connection with use of this site, failure of the communication environment, trouble arising between the customer and a third party, or any other accident.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless TK International from any third party claim, action, demand, loss or damages (including attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of or relating to your violation of these Terms and Conditions, your use of the Site or your violation of any rights of a third party.

Shutoff/Temporary Suspension/Change of/to the Provider's Site

TK International may end or change any part of the Service without giving a prior notice to the customer.

TK international assumes no responsibility for any disadvantage or loss suffered by the user or a third party as a result of temporary suspension, shutoff, change etc., of each service.

Remedies for Violations

TK International reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for violations of these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to the right to block access from a particular IP address.

Feedback and Other Suggestions

All feedback, ideas and other suggestions submitted by you through this site will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and may be disclosed or used by TK International for any purpose whatsoever, without any obligation to compensate you. All personal data provided to TK International will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Governing Laws, Conflict Resolution and Jurisdiction Court

Conclusion, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of any agreement pertaining to the Terms and Use of the Service are governed by the laws of Japan.

If a conflict arises between TK International or its affiliate, etc., and the customer in connection with any agreement pertaining to the Terms or Conditions of the Service, the parties will discuss in good faith and strive to resolve the conflict.

It is agreed that if a conflict arises with TK International regarding the Terms or Conditions of the Service, the Tokyo District Court will serve as the exclusive jurisdiction court.


If there is a determination that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, that determination will not affect the rest of these Terms and Conditions. Regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of this Site or under these Terms and Conditions must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred. The section titles in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.