Energy Efficiency Monitoring


Visualize your power usage and reduce your electricity bill!

Many manufacturing companies in Japan are working to improve productivity and reduce costs by thoroughly eliminating the 3Ms (Muda, Mura, and Muri).

By the way, what about your electricity bill? Do your company take any initiative to save on electricity costs?

Can you answer which equipment and machines consume how much electricity and how your monthly electricity bill is calculated?

To save money on your electricity bill, start by visualizing your electricity.


Why you need Energy Efficiency Monitoring?

You might have received an electricity bill with Maximum Demand charge and wanted to find the cause, BUT you do not know when and how it happened. 

If you can shift the peak of power usage, the electricity cost will decrease. 

There may be plenty of other room for improvement in terms of energy efficiency, such as assigning workers or replacing aging machines. 


3 benefits of Energy Efficiency Monitoring Service (e-Sense)

Introducing e-Sense into your worksite may bring you the following benefits:

Overview of our Energy Efficiency Monitoring Service (e-Sense)

We offer three different stages – Stage1, 2 and 3 – based on the cost and the scale requirements. 


Stage 1 – e-Sense check

You can quickly grab the power usage of the specific machine or the entire facility for a short period of time with simple and easy steps.

Who is this for?

Those who want to know…

qWhich machine is consuming energy the most?

qWhat time is the peak hour for the line or overall facility?

What you can get?

A summary report including the energy consumption data of the target machine or facility

How it works?

Attaching a power monitoring device to the machine or the electrical distribution box
No downtime No installation work
No power supply required

What is the Max target?

5 machines or sites

How long it takes?

1-2 weeks*

How much is it?


*Depends on the number of targets that customer wants to monitor

Mode1 - The most power consuming machine detection

Attaching a monitoring device to the machine and switching it to another every specified time period (e.g. 2 hours) allows us to easily compare their power usage per time along with a graphical data such as below: 

Mode2 - Peak hour detection

Attaching a monitoring device to the electrical distribution box for specified time period (e.g. 24 hours) allows us to measure the energy usage of the entire facility to see what time is the peak along with a graphical data such as below: 

Stage 2 – e-Sense track

With the multi-functional monitor device installed, you can collect more data such as power consumption, machine status, job information and operator information, and with those combined to make a better operation management.
We will soon update the details for Stage2 solutions.

Stage 3 – e-Sense solar

If you want to take actions for energy saving and climate change, here is the answer. 

You can take advantage of our partnership with a solar panel supplier to get a quality and worry-free service.
We will soon update the details for Stage3 solutions.

What’s included in the service

We provide one-stop solutions from planning to execution.


EQUO Series

Portable Power Monitoring System
  • Quick and easy power checking at production site for energy-saving initiatives.
  • SD Viewer software is included for displaying changes in instantaneous power.
  • Multi Data Viewer  is included for displaying power consumption for a certain time unit such as 1 minute, 1 hour and 24 hours. Its bar-graph representation is best suited for indicating cumulative electric power.






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EQUO Series

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Visualize your power usage and reduce your electricity bill.

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