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Malaysia's Machinery & Equipment and Engineering Supporting Industries


Published by:Malaysian Investment Development Authority
Punlished Year:2018
Number of Pages:21

Machinery and Equipment (M&E) industry is one of the catalytic subsectors identified under the 11th Malaysia Plan to spur the country’s economic transformation to greater prosperity, due to its cross-cutting linkages with all economic segments such as the primary, manufacturing and services sectors.

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Table of Contents

Exports, Imports, Malaysia Machinery & Equipment Exports and Imports
・In this topic, the imports and exports of Machinery & Equipment is listed in details. The needs for high-technology M&E in these industries is the key to their survival within a global environment and will accordingly continue to grow in the future.

Malaysia's Machinery & Equipment Sectors
・Malaysia's Machinery & Equipment manufacturing offers opportunities in four major sub-sectors.
1. Specialised process machinery or equipment for specific industry
2.Metalworking machinery
3.Power generating machinery and equipment
4.General industrial machinery & equipment, components and parts

Examples of Leading Local and Foreign Machinery & Equipment Companies in Malaysia
・In this topic, the companies for the local and foreign Machinery & Equipment in Malayisia are listed and written in details.

The Engineering Supporting Industry
・The engineering supporting industry in Malaysia has developed to be an important driving force for growth of not only the M&E industry, but also for every industry sector and there are eight sub-sectors for Engineering Supporting Industry.
2.Metal Casting
3.Metal Stamping 
4.Surface Engineering
5.Heat Treatment
7.Metal Fabrication
8.Smart Manufacturing: The Way Forward