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Why business need to consider Time Attendance Management System?


'I want to change the way my company works, but I don't know what to do...'

You may have just joined a company but keep losing your job, or if you have been using the conventional method of recording attendance, any irregularities may be overlooked and you may not be able to accurately manage your time and attendance.

It is difficult to suddenly change the way you work, but we recommend that you start with digital management of attendance information, which can be done right away and is highly effective.

On this page, we have compiled all the information you need to know so that you, who are worried about time and attendance management, can find out what King of Time (KING OF TIME), one of the leaders in the industry, has to offer, and we hope you will have a look.

Recommended for.

  • You have a problem with time and attendance management in the field.
  • The cost of managing time and attendance continues to increase.
  • I want to know what King of Time can do for me.

What is the KING OF TIME?

King of Time (KING OF TIME) is a system that allows time and attendance management in the cloud and contributes to a paperless system by significantly reducing the costs of conventional manual and paper management.

Human Technologies Inc. started providing the system in November 2004, and the system, which is operated by the company that has been dealing with attendance management the most in Japan, can be used from a small fee.

To briefly summarise King of Time, accurate personnel information can be viewed and managed immediately by anyone at any time, regardless of location. (Human error has been thoroughly eliminated and streamlined).

Since it is an "attendance management system", it is easy to imagine that attendance can be systemised, but in fact, since this is not the only thing that can be done, let me introduce a little about what pleasant things are waiting for you.

Paperless management that eliminates paper management, and reduction of wasteful management costs due to manual input and pointing out deficiencies are among the problems that can be solved, but since the same can be said of other attendance management systems, we have described them in a way that only King of Time can do.Challenges.
Other companies' systems have many unique rules and it is difficult to adapt them to your company's way of working.

Other companies' systems have many unique rules and it is difficult to adapt them to your company's way of working.

A wide range of functions can be adapted to suit your company's way of using the system. It can be a starting point for a change in the way of working that pursues your company's style.

Insufficient resources for implementation.

Easy to use and easy to learn, so less time-consuming to introduce.
Support for introduction is also very generous.


They have built an industry-leading system that is indeed the best in the industry, not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of linked services and support.

Many methods of time management system

Free of charge

  • Password authentication
  • Browser imprinting (MY Recorder)
  • Mobile phone imprinting
  • Windows log-in and log-off imprinting
  • GPS time and attendance management

Paid service

  • IC card reader
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Finger vein reader
  • Finger hybrid reader
  • Finger hybrid + IC card reader
  • Code authentication
  • Access control system
  • Facial recognition
  • Temperature detection linkage (face recognition and temperature detection at the same time)

The imprinting terminals include PCs, smartphones (Android and iOS), mobile phones (feature phones) and imprinting devices.

King of Time, which is already used by millions of people, has so many features and functions that it is difficult to pick up information.

The basic features are described in the Features Summary, but we have also summarised them into advantages and disadvantages to make it easier to make comparisons, so we hope you will find them useful.


  • The system can be used with mobile phones (feature phones).
  • The number of administrators can be created and management is easy (creation of general administrators instead of plenipotentiary administrators).
  • The system can be used by overseas branches and globally as it is developed overseas.
  • The system can be used by overseas branches and global companies.
  • Free trial with online demo.
  • There is a showroom (an industry first)

What is particularly impressive is that it is the first company in the time and attendance management system industry to introduce a showroom and to make contact with customers.

Although showrooms cost money for space and personnel, they value the customer experience, and I think it is because of this corporate attitude that they have become an industry leader.


  • Only administrators (admin) can make enquiries.
  • Consultations with operators are by appointment only.
  • Cannot be used without a PC or smartphone.
  • If you are using a PC, it is easy to register duplicates by clicking, so you may need to apply for correction.
  • Even if you leave the office when you telework, if you continue to work, you will not know the real attendance.

These disadvantages, in fact, can also be said of other attendance management systems, so many of them are not disadvantages unique to King of Time.

There are many more advantages than that, so if you want to increase employee satisfaction, make changes to the way you work and create a better environment than you have now, then this is the system for you.

Message for business owner

Your company is probably already using various systems, tools and services related to time and attendance management.

If you are thinking of introducing a new King of Time-san in this context, to be honest, you may not be too keen on the introduction of a new system, as it is a hassle to use a new system.

However, King of Time-san has many features that improve the way your employees work, such as being linked to major payroll software with no initial cost. 

Before signing a contract, it is recommended that you first consider an attendance management system if your employees are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their work and the company, as you can experience it first-hand through online demos and free trial service.

We hope you will see what else we want you to know about King of Time, because we can solve that anxiety by 'knowing'.